The Service Every Web-designer Should Offer

These are the services every Web designer should offer.

Basic Website Design Services

Graphic Design. The proper designer knows that your website should look appealing, but also needs to be laid out in a way that improves customer trust and user experience.

Custom Programming. Whether this is integrating design elements you would like, or the ability to make your back-end ecommerce function in a way that saves you time, your design firm should be able to provide customization.

Responsive Design. This is the term of the year, and it means a website that reacts to how it’s being viewed – whether on a cell phone, tablet, or computer screen. A mobile-friendly website is no longer an optional service. A web design firm must be prepared to launch your website with responsive capability.

Copywriting. A new website is a marketing tool, and if you aren’t much of a writer, your web design firm should have writers that can help with your website copy.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization. This is no longer a service that can be separated from web design. Your website designer should have a basic understanding of the website structure and coding factors that influence your visibility on search engines.

If you are running a large ecommerce or business-to-business website, you may require services beyond the basics above. Instead, you may opt for a Digital Marketing service that can continue to keep your website active by marketing your company online and offline.

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